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Significant increase in material output with simultaneous reduction in material costs with the Fine Sizer

Significant increase in material output with simultaneous reduction in material costs with the Fine Sizer

The customer

  • Leading German manufacturer in the entire wood supply chain. Especially in the production of wood-based panels with residual wood from the sawmill industry.

The challenge

  • In the process of particleboard production, approx. 8 t/h of wood chips with very low bulk density and a grain size spectrum of 0 - 4 mm have to be dedusted and fractionated at the same time (3 separating cuts in one machine).
  • Wood chips are difficult to screen because an elongated grain shape predominates and wood materials compensate for some of the vibrations introduced.
  • The customer's input material has a variation in composition due to the process.
  • The screening machine must be installed in a given installation space within the existing plant.
  • The new Fine Sizer is scheduled behind existing tumbler screening machines to significantly increase the performance and separation efficiency in the screening process and additionally to reuse previously discarded material from the tumbler screening machines.

The solution

  • To meet the customer's requirements, Mogensen implemented a Fine Sizer solution that is predestined for materials that are difficult to screen and difficult to convey. Therefore, the Fine Sizer is the ideal process engineering solution in this case.
  • The laid out screening machine was designed to fit the limited installation space and at the same time has a low and optimized energy consumption.

The result

  • With implementation in the customer's existing plant, the material yield was significantly increased. As a result, a likewise significant reduction in material costs was implemented in the manufacturing process.
  • At the same time, the number of quality complaints was significantly reduced.
  • The amount of additives was significantly reduced by improving the screening quality in the process (cost savings).
  • The customer is extremely satisfied with the results and is already planning further future projects with Mogensen.

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