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Two-stage separation of PET flakes with the MSort

Two-stage separation of PET flakes with the MSort

The customer

  • A German customer from the recycling industry whose focus is on recycling PET plastics.

The challenge

  • The challenge was to separate out transparent PET flakes, which consisted of a colorful mixture of PET flakes. The mixing ratio consisted of 70% transparent and 30% colored flakes.
  • The particle sizes of the PET flakes were between 2 - 4mm and 4 - 12mm.
  • The aim of the sorting process was to achieve a clear content of more than 50% yield, which meant that a maximum of 20% of material could be lost with an input of 70%.
  • In addition, the objective was to achieve a purity of more than 99.6% of the transparent PET flakes.
  • The feed rate required for this was at least 1.5 t/h.

The solution

Mogensen's solution was a two-stage separation with the MSort

  • With the use of two MSort, the colored flakes were first gently rejected in the first step so as not to produce oversorting.
  • In the second step, the remaining colored flakes were then sharply sorted out.
  • In this way, the requirement of a clear content of more than 50 % yield, with a simultaneous high purity of more than 99.6 %, was achieved.

The result

  • With Mogensen's solution, the customer was able to realize sorting from 2mm with a high output at the same time.
  • This achieved the customer's goal and increased the product value of the colored mixed stream with high-purity clear PET flakes.
  • With the high-purity clear PET flakes, the customer now generates up to 10 times higher yield.
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