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Efficient, profitable and precise sorting of recyclable materials


Companies in industrial sectors such as mining/minerals or the recycling industry face the challenge of classifying materials by type. Mogensen's machines can sort a wide variety of input materials by color differences, brightness characteristics, as well as by geometry and piece size, and by elemental chemical composition up to atomic density. During the sorting process, cameras detect the isolated particles in the detection area. Subsequently, the Mogensen MSort system uses set sorting parameters to decide the pneumatic control of the high-performance valves, which implement the material separation by means of compressed air pulses. The entire processing takes place in the millisecond range and achieves material separation depending on the specific task.

In the course of the sorting process, it is essential that the material is prepared for sorting by suitable upstream process steps such as washing, screening and drying in order to realize the optimum sorting result. With Mogensen's experience and expertise, these interlocking process steps are combined into a convincing overall concept.

The intelligent combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional mechanical engineering makes Mogensen screening machines the indispensable solution in processing plants that recover recyclables highly efficiently and with the highest separation accuracy.

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