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Allgaier goes digital

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips. And it’s no surprise, as both the private and business worlds are seeing a digital transformation that shows no signs of slowing down and is continuously opening new possibilities everywhere.

In its role as a company with medium-sized structures, the Allgaier-Group is pushing this transformation forward. In fact, some of the company’s divisions have already switched over to the latest digital advances. For example, employees can manage their flextime account directly on the intranet, job applicants can apply with the Allgaier-Group online on their smartphone, and external communication is being digitalized as you read this.

With the new Allgaier ProcessApp, the Allgaier-Group Process Technology division is treading completely new ground. The app can be used on smartphones and tablets, and opens up an entirely new communication channel that can be used by the company to provide news and information about innovations and by customers to contact Service faster than ever before. However, the changes don’t stop there. The app not only digitalizes communications between customer and company, but can also create a digital “twin” of a customer’s machine that can be used to order the exact spare parts needed.

As of this writing, the ProcessApp is available for new Allgaier Process Technology GmbH tumbler screening machines. However, it will be expanded to include additional products from the portfolio and become a comprehensive digital platform for the entire division.


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