Machinery Systems & Package Units

As well as supplying individual machines, apparatus and lines with various peripheral devices, the Allgaier-Group is able to deliver complete systems and "package units". Very frequently, this involves using a large number of machines, apparatus and lines from the delivery range of member companies in the Allgaier-Group. The plant engineering solutions are supplemented by technologies from suppliers and partner companies, by additional engineering, including third party equipment, or the planning and delivery of steel fabrication.

This results in complex processing plants with a defined benefit due to the ability to manufacture high-quality products. You benefit from partnership with a single contact and supplier with responsibility for the whole thing.

Examples of deliveries of this kind:

  • Processing of marble using breakers, optical sorting devices and sizers from Mogensen, Allgaier tumbler screening machines and a Mozer drum drying machine (see photo of the plant model).
  • Manufacture of potato granulate. Allgaier supplies the entire equipment for handling the cleaned and boiled potatoes through to the end product, comprising mixer/granulator, fluidised-bed cooler, conditioning, dispersion dryer systems, fluidised-bed dryer, coarse screening and tumbler screening machines.
  • Processing of titanium dioxide by pre-granulation using an Allgaier filter cake granulator, with subsequent drying in the fluidised-bed dryer until reaching a free-flowing dry granulate. Drying is performed using hot air from solid material cooling subsequent to the rotary kiln, by means of a rotating, indirect Allgaier rotary drum heat exchanger for the purposes of heat recovery.
  • Washing, drying and screening of quartz sands using Gosag sand washing machine, Mogensen sizer, Allgaier drum dryer, Mozer system or Allgaier fluidised-bed dryer and Allgaier tumbler screening machine for fine classification.
  • Manufacturing fertilizers and fodder additives such as mono-calcium phosphate by reaction and granulation of phosphoric acid with lime in a granulating drum, followed by drying in a drum dryer system from Mozer, classification of the product in a milling and screening cycle comprising Allgaier tumbler screening machines and Mogensensizers as well as cooling of the end product in Allgaier fluidised-bed coolers.
  • Processing of glass as part of various recycling solutions involving drying, classification and opto-electronic colour sorting of the glass shards.
  • Drying and screening of citric acid, manufacture of breadcrumbs by milling, drying and cooling as well as screening into the various product qualities
  • Manufacture of pharmaceutical granulate by drying the moist green pellets in a continuously operating, static fluidised-bed dryer, screening in an Allgaier screening machine as well as coating in batch mode using a "WURSTER" fluidised-bed coater.
  • To deliver complete systems for manufacturing dry construction material mixtures such as ready-mixed mortar, plaster compositions and tile adhesive, we cooperate with well-known, globally active engineering companies and plant builders. On request, we are happy to establish contact with these partners in order to work together to supply complete factories.
  • Allgaier screening machines can be supplied as complete "package units" for an extremely wide range of applications with upstream or downstream units, such as rotary valves, conveyor belts, augers, vibratory conveyors, containers or even big bag stations and steel fabrication.


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