Change of Managing Director at the Allgaier Group


Uhingen/Göppingen - Dr. Achim Agostini will take over as Chairman of the Management Board of the AllgaierGroup on 01.10.2021. He succeeds Helmar Aßfalg, who has managed the business of the Allgaier Group for 14 years and is now devoting himself to new tasks. "I would like to thank you for 14 interesting and eventful years at Allgaier. We have experienced a lot together, changed and created a lot together," said Aßfalg.

Under the leadership of the departing CEO, Allgaier has been able to almost double its turnover since 2007. The product portfolio has been steadily expanded, several record sales have been achieved, and new sites have been established in China, the USA, Sweden and Mexico - one of the most successful locations of the Allgaier Group - among others. However, Helmar Aßfalg also looks back on challenging times, especially during the financial and economic crisis of 2009/10, the automotive and corona crises, and the restructuring that has recently become necessary.

Dr. Achim Agostini completed his engineering training in the field of mechanical engineering production technology and subsequently worked in the automotive supply sector and in plant engineering. He was Managing Director at the companies Dürr, ThyssenKrupp and Leadec and strengthens the Allgaier Group with his international experience in China, USA and Russia as well as his extensive expertise from the automotive segment, after sales service and the digitalization of business processes.

The new CEO has set himself the goal of taking responsibility for the upcoming changes in the Allgaier Group and making them a success together with the workforce. Maintaining and further expanding the good cooperation with employees and the company culture is particularly important to him. "I am very much looking forward to the task ahead and am filled with pride to be able to lead the traditional Allgaier company into the next phase of its development," says Dr. Agostini.

The current order situation also makes him confident about the future of the company: "We currently have a stable and good order situation again - as a basis for successfully continuing to write the history of Allgaier."

About Allgaier
The Allgaier Group is not only an indispensable partner to the automotive industry, but also develops standardized and individual solutions for the process engineering industry. From development to production, the Allgaier Group works in direct coordination with its clients. Every day, around 1,800 employees worldwide apply their knowledge and experience to meet the highest quality demands of their globally active customers. The result is always innovative and cost-effective solutions. With a total of 12 companies and numerous agencies worldwide, the Allgaier Group is present both in the traditional industrialized countries and in the emerging international growth markets.