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New Densimetric Table - Introducing the innovative GSort Light GL


Allgaier Mogensen has developed a new densimetric table specially designed for the separation of lightweight materials, such as bio stabilized refining, as well as for the processing of other lightweight materials, based on the successful concept of the GSort high-density application table.

The GSort Light GL table features new developments and improvements in the equipment inlet as well as the design of the treatment bottom and its improved air distribution system, providing a series of advantages.

  • Capacity increased that handles about twice the flow compared to the previous model. The half-meter wide GSort GL50 model will replace the FM100X130 model (one meter width).
  • Its special treatment bottom plate (not applicable in all cases and depending on the quality requirements of the compost or heavy products) renders the bottom outlet for heavy fines unnecessary, allowing for a compact design that is of lower height, providing savings in support structures and maintenance, in addition to foregoing the lower collection belt, the wind box hopper and the downdraft valve.
  • The new treatment bottom plate fastening system allows for a quick change of the plate itself, in less than 10 minutes, reducing downtime and facilitating maintenance work. Furthermore, the change is safely done laterally, with the maintenance platforms and without the need for the operator to stand above any product outfeed conveyor.
  • The new input system allows the possibility to perform a pre-separation of the plastic in film form, reducing its visual effect on the compost. It also makes it possible to obtain a very pure fraction of ultra-light compost.
  • The new design of the treatment bottom plate enables a better recovery of the glass + inert fraction.
  • The new air distribution system provides greater flexibility because it is easily adjustable infinitely and reduces the maintenance associated with the old air distribution system.

Areas of Application

Ideal for the treatment of:

  • Compost
  • Grape pomace
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Granulated rubber
  • Vegetation residues

For more information, watch this video.