Bar Sizer


The Mogensen Bar Sizer is a proven solution for coarse grading within a range of 50 mm to 400 mm. The units are extraordinarily rugged, enabling each Bar Sizer to guarantee smooth operation without any power or maintenance costs for a long time.


The Mogensen Bar Sizer works based on a particularly simple and effective principle: Its grading bars are fixed on one side in a diverging configuration, meaning that, together with the material flow, the opening keeps getting bigger towards the discharge opening. The effective vibratory action of the individual bars also ensures that material is separated without any blinding. Upon request, the bar sizer can come with the option to adjust the distance between bars, and the grade accordingly, in a continuously variable manner, making its design even more compelling.

The Mogensen Bar Sizer works without any moving parts and does not require any driving power. In addition, its simple and heavy-duty design ensures that it can operate without maintenance or problems even when handling material that is difficult to screen.


  • Smooth, effective coarse grading for large bulk flows
  • Feed capacity of up to 1500 t/h
  • Chunk weights of up to 3 t
  • Chunks of material will not get stuck
  • No energy costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Long grading bar service life
  • Models with widths ranging from 1 m to 6 m


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