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The innovative CD Dryer disk dryer is a contact dryer that is heated with steam and can be used to recover dry solids from liquids containing solids, e.g., solutions and suspensions. It is extremely energy-efficient and its use of an assembly of rotating disks means that it has a significantly more compact design than comparable contact dryers such as conventional drum dryers.


A pump and several nozzles are used to spray the liquid being processed onto an assembly of rotating disks that are steam-heated. The liquid then evaporates on the surface of the heated disks, and, after a single revolution, the remaining dry material is scraped off from the disks’ surface by blades that contact the disks. The yielded dry material is then conveyed out of the dryer via a product discharge system. Vapors are discharged as a high water vapor concentration, resulting in relatively low heat loss with the dryer exhaust air.

Ideal for: Pigments, saline solutions, chemical wastewater, hydroxide slurries, ceramics, gelatin, brewery wastewater


  • Low specific energy requirements in comparison to convection dryers
  • Extremely efficient transfer of heat via the disks
  • Can be used to increase the concentration of liquids
  • Easy to use; heavy-duty construction
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low electric power needs as a result of low process air volumes
  • A compact design means that little installation space is required


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