The CDry is an indirectly heated contact dryer. The solids are dried by heat conduction from a steam-heated disc to the liquid product applied to the disc. The advantage over other contact dryers lies in particular in the significantly higher heat transfer surface with simultaneous small space requirement. Compared to convective dryers, contact dryers have lower heat losses with the warm exhaust air flows. The resulting vapor is removed with a high water vapor concentration. This results in lower steam consumption than with convection dryers.

How it works

  • The liquid is pumped from the product tank into the circulation tank.
  • The suspension/solution is then pumped to the individual feed pipes by means of a circulation pump.
  • Each feed pipe feeds the liquid product onto one side of the heated rotating discs.
  • Excess liquid runs back into the circulation tank.
  • The solvent contained in the liquid product (e.g. water) evaporates during one turn of the disc.
  • The dried solid adhering to the heated disc is subsequently scraped off with knives.
  • The degree of drying of the end product can be influenced by the speed of the discs.
  • The resulting dry product is transported out of the dryer via the product discharge.
  • It is also possible to concentrate liquids without producing a dry product.
  • Depending on the material properties of the product in use, the dry material created can have different forms. The exact product behavior can be analyzed with the aid of a pilot plant in Allgaier’s testcenter

The advantages at a glance

Enhanced process monitoring
Simple process monitoring during system operation through the use of laminated safety glass in the swiveling hood on the machine front, intelligent system control.

Compact design
Efficient contact drying due to internally heatable disk assemblies. 60% smaller installation area of the discs compared to drums.

Optimal Access
Covering of all rotating and hot machine parts, service openings for extended access, integrated steam control system including safety valve.

Simple handling
Intuitive operation of the touch panel for Retrieve and modify the current machine- /Process parameters.

Small installation area
Intuitive operation of the touch panel to access and change the current machine/process parameters.

Enhanced safety
Separate access to steam fittings, drive, circulation pump and rotary feed-through incl. pedestal bearing. Sight glass on the back and integrated working light for optical control during dryer operation.

Fields of application

  •  Industrial waste water
  •  Ferrites
  •  Ceramic
  •  Pigments
  •  Polymers
  •  Mineral sludge, bentonite sludge
  •  China clay sludge
  •  Brewery waste water
  •  Gelatine
  •  Fish water
  •  Raw egg
  •  Graphite
  •  Copper sulfate
  •  Wolfram sludge
  •  Silica
  •  Tin-loaded waste water
  •  Indium Hydroxide
  •  Zinc ferrite
  •  Resin
  •  Yeast
  •  Distillation residues
  •  Water-soluble paint effluents
  •  Landfill leachate
  •  Saline solutions
  •  Grain residues
  •  Fodder additives
  •  Activated sludge
  •  Fermentation concentrate
  •  Algae suspensions


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