Allgaier Mogensen clarifiers are used for the treatment of the sludge generated in the washing processes of sand, sugar beets, minerals, etc. and for the recovery of clear water for recirculation.


The dirty water produced during the washing process contains fines. This water is sent to the clarifier by means of the mixing box, where it is mixed with the flocculant solution. The flocculant dosage method and the flocculant concentration are very important for an optimum development of the clarifier process.

In the box, the dirty water and the flocculant are forced to follow a specific route, allowing the creation of flocks, of the appropriate size and shape. After this stage, the mixture flows to a central pipe, where the flocks quickly settle to the bottom as sludge.

The clarifier includes a pump which moves the sludge into the central cone of the clarifier and pumps it up to the desired unloading point.

The sludge pump is controlled by a PLC that measures torque in the process. It generates an optimum concentration of the sludge minimizing water losses.


  • Efficient sludge treatment and water recovery
  • Flocculant preparation systems and automatic dosage
  • Low maintenance


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