Compact Sand Washing Units


Allgaier Mogensen sand washing units are designed to extract sand following application-specific parameters such as grain size, fineness, modulus, cleanliness, friability and the content of unacceptable elements (organic material, chloride, sulfate, etc.). These units are used to treat sand for use in concrete as well as other industrial sands, bentonite slurries and other minerals. A sand washing machine with a hydrocyclone is the best way to obtain high quality sand.


This method works by eliminating everything below the 75 μm grain size (200 mesh). Its performance is much better than other washing machines, such as water-wheels or washing-screws. The result is high quality sand, with very low content of particles lower than 75 μm but retaining the fine sand.


  • High quality sands due to a greater attrition
  • The biggest fines' sand recuperation from the 50 to 90 micron range
  • Removal of fraction under 75 microns without fines lost
  • Recovering most of the water used during the process



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