Allgaier Mogensen desanders are used for recycling bentonite sludge recovered in special civil engineering foundation and tunneling jobs.


Desanders separate rock debris allowing the reuse of bentonite with water used as the pumping medium. They can also be used in processes requiring a finer separation than achievable with compact sand washing units (e.g., cleaning of concrete mixers).

Processing the pulp discharged by overflow from the primary cyclone (large diameter) and adding the filtered water and fines recovered in the dewatering screen with a battery of small diameter cyclones, a cut at a particle size of 30 microns is achieved. This eliminates the fine sands and most of the clay, thus achieving a higher concentration of bentonite in the recovered water and increasing the time the drilling fluid is reusable.


  • Previous screening allows the separation of thick materials as well as balls of clay or very sticky products
  • High effectiveness of classification
  • Easy handling and great robustness
  • Low maintenance
  • Desanders can work in any type of sand processing installations


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