Drum Dryers/Coolers Mozer System

Drum dryers/coolers are used to dry/cool free-flowing bulk materials. The most important characteristics behind these systems are their high output rates and their ability to process solids with particle properties that vary heavily or that have very wide size distributions.

Our Range of Products

Allgaier continues to manufacture and develop drum dryers/coolers based on the Mozer system, which has earned a worldwide reputation as a high-quality, high-performance drying and cooling system.

The custom nature of the drums, which are always sized and manufactured in such a way as to meet the specific needs of the project at hand, ensures that the dryer/cooler system can be used for an extremely broad range of applications with throughputs ranging from 1 t/h to over 350 t/h. The intensive transfer of mass and heat inside the drums contributes to an extremely efficient drying/cooling process.

Today, Allgaier drum dryers/coolers can be found in virtually any industrial sector. Although the range of successful applications in which they are used is extremely wide, these systems are especially well-suited to the needs of the minerals, chemical, fertilizer, and recycling industries.

Drum dryers/coolers are available as single-shell, double-shell, or triple-shell drums. Their design and sizing ensure high capacities in compact spaces and innovative special-purpose designs can be used to combine other process steps with drying.


  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Mixing
  • Calcination
  • Pyrolysis
  • Granulation
  • Coating

Combined processes

  • Drying/cooling
  • Drying/cleaning
  • Drying/screening
  • Drying/grinding
  • Granulation/coating


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