Fine Sizer


The Fine Sizer is a fine screening machine designed to separate particle sizes within a range of 0.1 mm to 8 mm. It not only combines high material throughputs with minimal power consumption, but also features variable stroke, frequency, and incline settings that enable it to perfectly handle any material.


The system consists of a frame with up to 3 screen decks arranged on top of each other. Beater bars are used to make the decks vibrate, with the resulting beating action serving a twofold purpose: preventing blinding and ensuring that bulk material is properly conveyed. Each beater unit is driven by 1 or 2 vibration motors, which cause the beater bars to oscillate and excite the screen cloth from below.

The Fine Sizer is not only able to handle extremely light bulk material, such as ground hops with a bulk weight of only 0.1 t/m3, but also extremely heavy bulk material, such as pure aluminum with a bulk weight of 2.2 t/m3, all while guaranteeing excellent screening results. Moreover, the screening machine can be variably adjusted exactly as needed for the material, with G-forces of up to 30 g.

The machine’s variable frequency converters, which are used to control its speed, can be used to continuously clean the screen fabric with an abrupt increase in speed – much like the process used in pneumatic screen cleaning. And despite this vibratory action, the Fine Sizer’s screen frame remains virtually static during operation, ensuring that no direct dynamic residual forces are transmitted into the substructure. The machine is fully enclosed dust-tight, and accordingly requires very low extraction airflow rates for dedusting.


  • High throughput combined with low power consumption
  • Virtually no forces are transmitted into the substructure / steel structure
  • It is possible to have different strokes along the screen deck
  • Can be used with very light to very heavy bulk material
  • Extremely adjustable so as to accommodate virtually any type of bulk material
  • Operating width range of 1 m to 2.5 m
  • Screen length range of 2.4 m to 4.8 m


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