Fluidized Bed Vibration Dryers/Coolers WS-V-T/K


Allgaier fluidized bed dryers are available as continuous or batch dryers. As vibration dryers/coolers, they are ideal for adjusting to the specific properties of the materials being processed and the process control system being used.

This fluidized bed vibration dryer/cooler makes it possible to uniformly and gently dry bulk materials with a high degree of moisture and a tendency to agglomerate. It is a purely direct dryer in which a hot air flow serves as a heat transfer medium.


An upward airflow fluidizes the solids being handled, causing them to assume a fluid-like state and ensuring that optimum drying, reaction, and handling conditions are achieved.

An air buffer between the particles prevents friction wear and agglomeration. Moreover, the dryer’s vibration helps maintain the fluidized bed and ensures that cratering and air breakthroughs are effectively prevented even in material layers with a high moisture content that are difficult to fluidize. Ultimately, the machine ensures that particles of different sizes are all uniformly and reliably dried.

On top of this, the fluidized bed vibration dyer/cooler empties itself completely and automatically, and its maintenance and cleaning needs during operation are minor.

Ideal for: Crystalline materials, granular material, dusts, powders, materials with coarse particle sizes, minerals, sands, filter cakes from nearly all industrial sectors.


  • Low dry material temperatures
  • Waste heat is used by means of exhaust recirculation
  • Low operating costs
  • Gentle on sensitive materials
  • Able to handle materials with a wide range of particle sizes
  • Integrated stirring zone for materials that tend to cake
  • Two-mass vibratory system serves as vibration drive, with only minor dynamic forces being transmitted to the ground
  • Dryer optionally with integrated cooling section


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