Mogensen Sizer G


The Mogensen Sizer G is an efficient, compact and flexible screening machine for bulk solids in the processing industry. It is driven by a single vibrator resulting in the typical elliptical motion pattern. This counteracts blinding of the screens while loosening and stratifying the feed material.


The Mogensen Sizer G is a compact short-decked sizer with high screening efficiency for use in a wide range of demanding industries.

It is driven by a single vibrator resulting in the typical elliptical motion pattern that counteracts blinding of the screens and loosens and stratifies the feed material. This secures an efficient material spread. The unique single vibrator system has low power requirements.

The design of the inlet and outlets allow for a flexible configuration. Service and maintenance are simple: large, easy-to-open inspection ports with secure fastening and dust covers available in 0.5 m wide modules with only 2 quick-release fasteners each.

The Mogensen Sizer G comes in four sizes, with inner widths ranging from 0.5 m to 2 m, reflecting the capacity. It is manufactured with up to 5 decks to suit the screening task.


  • Large capacity with a small footprint
  • Maintenance-friendly with very easy and quick screen cloth exchange
  • High screening efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low power requirements
  • Robust and operationally reliable construction
  • Modular design


ATEX version

Use in a potentially explosive plant environment.

Motor and brake control system

Mechanical screen cleaning system

Pneumatic screen cleaning system

Screen tension monitoring system

Replaceable wear protection

Foot plates

Food grade adaption

Vibration dampening system

Motor replacement set


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