The MSort OPT can be used to sort any bulk materials that can be clearly classified based on their color, transparency, shape, or size. In fact, it guarantees that materials that are difficult to sort and have an extremely wide range of compositions can be efficiently and effectively sorted with a high degree of accuracy.


Depending on the application, the MSort OPT scans bulk material either in free fall or on a chute with the help of a color line scan camera. The data acquired is then analyzed with freely configurable sorting software in order to identify which material is acceptable and which should be rejected based on color, transparency, shape, or size.

Depending on the specific machine model, the computer relays this information to a total of up to 400 fast, heavy-duty compressed pneumatic valves, each of which operates a separate air nozzle. Parts that should be rejected are diverted with a targeted burst of compressed air based on their position, shape, and size. Finally, different feed volumes can be sorted by material, particle size distribution, and rejection rates.


  • Cost-effective sorting of various bulk materials by color, transparency, shape, or size
  • The system is able to reliably detect even the slightest variations in color based on specifically defined sorting parameters
  • Extremely high throughput thanks to an optimized image processing system
  • Extremely accurate detection and sorting maximizes yields from bulk materials and minimizes errors
  • Compressed air consumption is optimized thanks to the fact that MSort model ranges are designed with the particle size range being sorted in mind
  • Low-maintenance operation thanks to optimized extraction, automatic cleaning, and illumination and compressed air components with long service lives
  • Thanks to their heavy-duty design, the machines are mechanically and electrically suitable for use in harsh conditions (e.g., in the minerals industry) as well


Combination with metal detection


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