MSort X-Ray


The MSort X-Ray can be used to efficiently sort out undesirable materials such as lead glass and glass-ceramics in glass recycling processes. This technology also opens the door to new applications related to mineral sorting and to many other fields.


The MSort X-Ray sorting system measures the attenuation of the corresponding X-rays with
2 measuring channels in various wavelength ranges. The readings are then mathematically combined in order to calculate the relevant material thickness. This means that the mean atomic density is available as a sorting criterion that is independent of particle size, particle shape, chunk weight, surface color, and impurities.


  • Efficiently sorts out lead glass and glass-ceramics in a single step
  • Reduces production costs by detecting and sorting out gangue from ore
  • A compact design makes it easy to retrofit the system in existing facilities
  • Outstanding throughputs even when processing soiled container glass
  • High efficiency with fine particle sizes as well (< 10 mm)
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly thanks to a simple chute system
  • Has been in use in three-shift operations for several years already


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