Static Fluidized Bed Dryers/Coolers WS-T/K


Static (non-vibrating) fluidized bed dryers include fluidized bed dryers with immersion heat exchangers (heating or cooling surfaces), suspension and paste dryers, and spray granulation dryers.

When working with easily fluidized bulk materials that have a narrow particle size distribution or do not stick, the vibration used to assist with the fluidization of solids can be omitted.


To achieve homogenous fluidization, taller fluidized bed heights and slightly faster air speeds than those in fluidized bed dryers with vibration are used. Due to the higher airflow speeds, the upper dryer sections, which are built in the form of an expansion hood, are usually taller and wider than those in vibration dryers.

Ideal for: Drying granular plastic material, fodder, sugar, yeast, granular material used for pharmaceutical applications, and potato granules; expanding granular foam material; heating up urea; cooling down cocoa, iron sulfate, and other salts; as well as virtually all batch processes.


  • By not using vibration, the forces transferred to the ground are primarily static
  • A compact design thanks to the use of higher air speeds
  • Extremely efficient drying, as dryers can be operated with especially high supply air temperatures (of up to 600 °C)
  • By using back mixing, materials with a high surface moisture can be dried as well
  • Low operating costs


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