With the help of machines and systems, raw materials and additives are sorted on the basis of color differences, brightness characteristics as well as item size, composition and purity.

In the sorting process, cameras image more than 2000 particles per second. Following this, computer systems reach a decision within fractions of a second as to whether the particle should be sorted out or not. Sorting out then takes place using pneumatically activated high-performance valves.

The intelligent combination of the latest technology and traditional engineering makes Mogensen sorting machines into essential tools for processing companies which recover reusable materials with regard to commercial aspects and with the highest level of separation accuracy.

It goes without saying that the material to be processed must be prepared accordingly before the sorting process. Experience and the interplay between drying and screening play a significant role here. The group of companies possesses the expertise and skills for these interlocking process steps, which mean complete sorting machines with the best quality can be supplied from a single source.

Relatively simple sorting tasks can be solved with less complicated processes. This is where separating tables are used, in which an air flow separates materials with different weights or densities from one another. Separation is achieved using an angled separating tray with a vibration drive. Air is blown across the tray. The less dense material flows downstream in a fluidized bed, without touching the tray. The material with the higher density remains lying on the tray and is transported upstream by vibration.

It is chiefly companies from the industrial areas of chemicals, wood, waste and recycling as well as glass manufacture and mineral processing which use these systems for recycled, flat glass and hollow glass just as much as for plastic flakes, minerals, limestone and quartz, as well as for talc, magnesite and rock salt.

The particular advantage of using sorting machines from the Allgaier Group involves the better exploitation of raw materials, increasing product quality and lower processing costs.

We work efficiently and precisely – from economic and ecological perspectives. We share this performance with our customers.


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