Allgaier offers its customers dryer systems and machines based on the fundamental principles of rotating drum dryers as well as fluidized bed technology.

These are used in the processing industry for building materials and minerals, in mining, crude and manufactured minerals, plastics and ceramics, animal feeds and fertilizer, pigments, recycling as well as for bio fuels/pellets. Companies from the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industry also use the systems for the typical applications of their industries.

The drying technology product portfolio includes complete solutions which take the various drying processes as well as processes for cooling and calcining, and rationally link them together with granulating and screening technologies. The "MOZER System" rotating drum dryer is regarded as a classic industrial drying product; it was developed several decades ago and has been continuously optimized ever since.

Complete drying machines are supplied not only with individual apparatus components but also with ancillary equipment such as conveyor units, silos or electronic machine automation that are installed directly at the customer by Allgaier engineers, who take them into operation.

The communication of knowledge in the best sense of the concept takes place in the Technical Center at the headquarters in Uhingen. This is where Allgaier carries out series of scientific experiments and practical tests in order to arrive at made-to-measure solutions for customers all over the world. The insights are made available for use by all subsidiaries and agencies of the Allgaier Group.

From aluminum oxide to citric acid: We find a way to dry your products.


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