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Allgaier-Group takes initial stock after takeover by investor


Uhingen. In the summer of 2022, around 90 percent of the business shares of the Allgaier-Group were transferred to the Westron Group. Just under six months later, the company is drawing up an initial summary.

Over the past decades, the Allgaier-Group has established itself worldwide as a reliable automotive supplier with its Automotive division and, through its Process Technology division, supplies the bulk materials processing industry with customized systems and plants.

The company had been family-run since its foundation until July of this year, when 88.9% of its shares were transferred to the Westron Group, a global industrial company whose investment division focuses on the automotive and technology sectors. In the first step, the transaction did not mean any serious changes for the Allgaier-Group and its business units. Contracts with employees, suppliers and customers were continued.

Five months have passed since the takeover - time to draw an initial conclusion.

The Corona pandemic had already left its mark on the markets before the takeover in mid-2022, and the economic situation remained tense after the transaction. The Ukraine war, rising prices for energy and logistics, and increased personnel costs were accompanied by reduced call-off figures from customers in the automotive sector. It was already clear at an early stage that the planned sales for 2022 would not be achieved.

The entry of Westron restored financial stability, which was the basis for a realignment.

Operational procedures, business processes and structures were evaluated and redesigned, and international structures were strengthened. Here, Allgaier was able to benefit from the Westron Group's many years of experience.Major international contracts were won in both the Automotive and Process Technology divisions.

Volker Brielmann, Managing Director Automotive: "The order intake this year has reached a record level, which shows that our customers see us as a reliable partner. Since the existing manufacturing space is no longer sufficient, we are planning a new production facility in Europe."

In order to remain successful in the long term, the focus is on new products and technologies. Pre-development projects in the automotive sector for battery packaging and hydrogen storage have been launched with both suppliers and customers.

Michael Weißflog, Managing Director Process Technology: "We are currently working very intensively with Westron to establish innovative customer solutions in the rapidly growing recycling markets."

Particularly in view of the uncertain global economic situation, there is a consensus to make the Allgaier-Group more robust to economic changes in the future. For example, work is continuing on making the organizations more efficient and stepping up internationalization within the company. An Allgaier company for the manufacture of press tools is currently being established in China. The Westron Group trusts the Allgaier management to drive this further development.

Despite the challenging general conditions, the company management and employees have proven that Westron's entry has been successful - with a positive forecast for the future.

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