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Process Technology System Solutions

Process Technology System Solutions

In addition to innovative machines and systems with various peripherals, Allgaier offers its customers complete systems and package units. This enables you to benefit from a wide range of systems and machines from our network of experts and qualified partnerships with just one responsible contact person and supplier. The result is complex processing plants with a defined benefit through the ability to manufacture high-quality products.

Allgaier screening machines can be supplied as complete "package units" for an extremely wide range of applications with upstream or downstream units, such as rotary valves, conveyor belts, augers, vibratory conveyors, containers or even big bag stations and steel fabrication.

Application scenarios

The preparation of marble

The manufacture of potato granules

The preparation of titanium dioxide

The drying and screening of silica sand

The production of fertilizers and feed additives

The production of pharmaceutical granules

The production of dry building material mixtures

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