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Bio fuels and pellets
Simple and efficient processing of bio fuels

Simple and efficient processing of bio fuels

Biofuels are fuels of organic biological origin. They are in great demand as an energy source because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable and regionally available. At the same time, biofuels are a cost-effective alternative. While solid biofuels such as waste wood or wood chips require relatively little processing, special machines are required to cut pellets to the standardized size.

Allgaier offers innovative and suitable solutions to process raw materials such as wood chips, wood shavings, paper sludge, sawdust and many more efficiently and easily. Based on individual customer requirements, economical solutions are provided to guarantee optimum processing of fuels.

Allgaier has extensive know-how in the biofuel and pellet industry with its systems. Above all, this includes rolling bed dryers, tumbling, vibrating and flat screening machines. Get more information on the competence and product pages or contact the experts directly to tackle your challenges together with you!

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