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Process food safely and efficiently

Process food safely and efficiently

The food industry is responsible for supplying the rapidly growing world population. In addition to the requirement for ever faster processing of products, the highest quality and hygiene standards must also be met. To ensure the protection and complete enjoyment of the end consumer, a high level of understanding of the markets and their challenges is required.

With Allgaier's solutions, customers benefit from proven methods for processing foods such as sugar, starch, milk powder, cereals, spices and many more safely and efficiently while maintaining full flavor and the highest quality. At the same time, the individual challenges of customers are taken into account and cost-effective, integrated (system) solutions are offered.

Allgaier machines and systems offer decades of expertise and experience in the food industry. These include, above all, the tumbling and vibrating screening machines, disk dryers and fluid bed dryers of the core Allgaier brand. Get more information on the competence and product pages or contact the experts directly to tackle your challenges together with you!

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