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Innovative and efficient solutions in metal processing

Innovative and efficient solutions in metal processing

In recent decades, a wide variety of industries have experienced upheavals due to external influences such as technical innovations or social changes. The metallurgy sector has also changed from a quantity-oriented industry to a versatile, quality-oriented industry and is one of the 20 most profitable industries worldwide.

With its plants, Allgaier offers innovative solutions for drying, cooling and screening metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, ores or zinc. For this purpose, Allgaier provides economical complete solutions based on individual customer requirements to guarantee customers outstanding results in metal processing.

Our solutions in metallurgy include, for example, Indirect Cooling Drums in the cooling process, as well as the Tumbler Screening Machine TSM/tsi or Vibration Screening Machines in the screening process. You can find more information about our equipment on the competence and product pages or contact our experts directly to tackle your challenges together with you!

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