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Stones and soil
Efficient and reliable extraction of essential mineral resources

Efficient and reliable extraction of essential mineral resources

Stone and earth - raw materials comprise a variety of natural resources that are required for the manufacture of many everyday products. They are used in particular in the construction and building materials industry, but also as basic materials in other branches of industry.

Important success factors in the processing of stones and soils are low production costs, reliable and durable machines, inexpensive and immediately available spare parts.

Allgaier offers long-term, tried and tested procedures for the efficient and high-quality processing of raw materials such as natural stone, clay, lime, gypsum, sand, gravel and many more. As a solution provider, individual requirements are taken into account and cost-effective complete solutions are developed.

With its machines and systems, Allgaier offers decades of expertise and experience in the stone and earth sector. Above all, this includes drum and fluidized-bed dryers and tumbler screening machines. Get more information on the competence and product pages or contact the experts directly to tackle your challenges together with you!

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