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Waste and recycling
Efficient and reliable recovery of valuable raw materials

Efficient and reliable recovery of valuable raw materials

The growing importance of sustainability has a major impact on the waste and recycling industry. The main aim of this industry is to avoid waste and instead recover valuable raw materials in order to make a long-term contribution to environmental protection.

Due to this growing demand for recycling, ever higher demands are being placed on innovative recycling machines and systems. With Allgaier's tried and tested methods, waste and raw materials such as glass, waste wood, plastic granulate, film and many more can be recycled efficiently. During development, the individual needs of the customer are taken into account in order to guarantee an economical complete solution and therefore optimum waste recycling.

With its systems, Allgaier offers comprehensive expertise in the waste and recycling industry. Above all, this includes rolling bed, fluidized bed, drum and fluidized bed dryers as well as tumbling and vibrating screening machines. Get more information on the competence and product pages or contact the experts directly to tackle your challenges together with you!

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