Gyratory Screening Machines


Allgaier gyratory screening machines are used primarily in the particle board industry in order to effectively separate furnish into various groups. Within this context, chipped wood material is used in order to obtain the material for the core and outer layers in particle board.

Gyratory screening machines ARSM are an absolute classic when it comes to the screening machines used by the lumber industry, and the Jumbo model in particular is known for its outstanding furnish grading accuracy.


ARSM: 4 spring supports fastened onto the base frame with the use of mounts bear the actual screen box. Screen box has horizontal inclination of 5°.

Jumbo: Design without spring supports runs extremely smoothly. 2-dimensional gyratory motion with a horizontal inclination of 3°.


  • Feeding capacity of up to 350 m³/h
  • Up to 4 decks and 5 particle size ranges; screen surface area/deck: 2–12.5 m2
  • Low-maintenance, dust-tight, low-noise
  • Variable infeed and outlet positions
  • Low dynamic foundation load
  • Jumbo: Suspension solution ensures extremely smooth operation and reduces the need for spare parts


Bouncing ball cleaning

Use with grainy products. There are balls located between one perforated floor and the screen fabric, which strike the screen fabric from below.

ATEX version

Use in a potentially explosive plant environment.

Fire-fighting water systems


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