Rolling Bed Dryers WB-T


The Allgaier rolling bed dryer combines the advantages of drum dryer systems and fluidized bed dryer systems and is used to dry wood chips and organic waste. The innovative design behind this dryer makes it possible to dry material uniformly and gently at low temperatures, with the material remaining inside the dryer for a particularly long time and making the dryer ideal for processing organic waste into refuse-derived fuels.


The material layer rests on a perforated plate and has drying air flow into it from below. An agitator continuously circulates the bulk material to ensure that it is thoroughly mixed. The high degree of filling ensures that the drying air will be redirected numerous times before leaving the bulk material, which contributes to a highly efficient transfer of heat and ensures that no moist zones are produced. On top of this, there is no stratification between the hot distribution plate and the top of the bulk material, ensuring that the drying results are uniform and optimal.

Ideal for: Wood chips, green landscaping waste, biowaste, digestates, beet pulp, bagasse, refuse-derived fuels


  • Thoroughly mixes the material and ensures that the residual moisture content in it is uniform
  • Cleaning effect ensures optimum product quality
  • Ideal for taking advantage of residual energies of all types
  • Can work with low temperatures, ensuring that waste heat will be effectively used
  • Works smoothly even when handling challenging or large particles or particles that tend to get stuck
  • Can be universally used for a broad variety of materials
  • Low operating costs
  • Heavy-duty design ensures high availability and low maintenance costs
  • Designs for hazardous environments are available


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