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The optimal screening machine for your industrial application

The optimal screening machine for your industrial application

Europe's leading supplier of screening machines

Screen classification plays a decisive role in the industrial preparation and processing of bulk materials. As a leading supplier of screening machines, Allgaier offers both standard and customized solutions for companies in the minerals, recycling, chemicals, food, mining, metallurgy, wood/chipboard, plastics, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, animal feed and biofuel industries. The Allgaier screening machine also handles problematic applications that are difficult or impossible to solve with conventional screening machines. In addition, clean and reliable separation of wet or sticky screenings is guaranteed at all times.

Allgaier Process Technology offers a wide range of screening machines for different application scenarios. The product portfolio ranges from tumbler screening machines for fine and ultra-fine screening to vibrating screening machines for classifying and protective screening of bulk materials at high throughput rates.

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Screening machines for fine and ultra-fine screening

Tumbler screening machines from Allgaier are convincing in the processing of ultra-fine powder up to a particle size of 0.02 mm. This means that the screening machine meets the highest quality requirements even in fine and ultra-fine screening of dry and wet bulk materials. In particular, the tumbler screen machine is used for classification, protective screening and control screening. 

Screening machine for classification, control and protective screening

The Allgaier vibration screening machines are used for control screening and classification of a wide variety of bulk materials in the fine, medium, coarse grain range and in wet screening. The vibratory screening machines are characterized by high throughput rates that can be precisely adjusted to individual requirements.