Combined Drying/Cleaning TRH


Allgaier TRH combined drying/cleaning drums feature a single-shell configuration. This innovative drum design is a combined system in which minerals with soiled surfaces are dried and cleaned in a single unit, making it possible to use only one mount and one drive system.


A uniform flow pattern ensures that the wet bulk material with a contaminated surface is efficiently dried
in the front area of the drying/cleaning drum. A separate cleaning zone with a larger diameter is found immediately after the drying zone and the custom designed internals in this cleaning area ensure that the pre-dried, soiled bulk material intensively rubs against itself.

The mutual friction between the particles effectively removes the adhering foreign matter layer from the actual rocks (useful particles). The resulting abraded foreign matter, which has an extremely small particle size, is partially extracted from the drum. The rest of the foreign matter dust is separated from the rocks in downstream screening stages.

Ideal for: Cleaning the surface of crushed rock with coarse particle sizes, such as limestone with clay on it


  • Proven Mozer system design
  • Economically attractive alternative to the expensive and time-consuming wet cleaning of rocks
  • Cleaned rocks will already be in a dry condition for further processing
  • Minimal operating costs for the drying and cleaning processing stages
  • Compact dimensions, requiring little space in comparison to wet cleaning
  • No washing waster and, accordingly, no water treatment required
  • Frost-proof system


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