Combined Drying/Separating TTT


Allgaier TTT combined drums feature a single-shell configuration. This innovative drum design is a combined system in which bulk materials are dried and graded in a single unit, making it possible to use only one mount and one drive system.

The system is suitable for cases in which only coarse safety screening (in the cm range) is required.


A uniform flow pattern ensures that the wet bulk material is dried very efficiently in the front area of the drum. A grading zone with the same diameter is found immediately after the drying zone and is permanently connected to it.

The grading zone, which is in the form of a cylindrical drum screen, takes care of coarse grading into 2 particle sizes (desired grade and oversize). Typical grades are in the range of a few centimeters. The desired grade and the oversize leave the drum through different outlets.

Ideal for: Bulk materials with a very heterogeneous particle size distribution, e.g., shredded material in vehicle recycling applications


  • Proven Mozer system design
  • The combined design means that a separate (coarse) screening machine is not required
  • Drying and coarse screening sections can be optimized in terms of height
  • No separate conveyor unit required between the dryer’s outlet / inlet and the coarse screening unit
  • The use of grading zones with different perforations provides a high degree of grading flexibility


The grading zone can have various lengths and equipment


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