Fluidized Bed Dryers/Coolers with Heat Exchangers WS-HF-T/K


Fluidized bed dryers/coolers with integrated heat exchangers (heating or cooling surfaces) are used for applications requiring particularly high solid and water evaporation performance in the salt and soda, fodder, food equipment, and plastic industries.


A tall, fluidized solid bed has shell and tube heat exchangers in it. During the process, these heat exchangers make it possible to add or remove heat continuously. With this configuration, it is possible to achieve maximum solid and water evaporation results while using relatively low airflows and temperatures and minimizing thermal and electrical energy consumption levels.

Ideal for: Bulk materials that do not have excessive infeed moisture, have a uniform particle size, and do not tend to clump
(e.g. salt and soda production, potato granules, fodder)


  • Maximum water evaporation/cooling performance in an extremely compact space
  • High efficiency even at low drying temperature levels
  • Extremely high heat transfer between heat exchanger tube and fluidized bed possible
  • Coarse material discharge at end of dryer is extremely effective at preventing clumping
  • All common heating media, such as saturated steam, hot water, and thermal fluids, can be used 
  • Up to 80% indirect heat introduction/removal thanks to internal heat exchangers, resulting in very compact systems with minimal airflow rate requirements
  • Internal back mixing in the dryer makes it possible to dry materials with a high starting moisture content as well


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