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Efficient drying of difficult solids

Vibration Batch Dryer WS-R-V-CT

Efficient drying of difficult solids with the Vibration Batch Dryer WS-R-V-CT

The Allgaier Vibration Batch Dryers WS-R-V-CT is the optimal solution for the treatment of solids that are difficult to handle. These include, for example, products that stick strongly at the beginning, are difficult to fluidize, have an irregular particle shape, require long drying times or change their properties during drying.

Due to the easy cleaning, the WS-R-V-CT meets the high demands of the pharmaceutical and food industries in addition to the chemical industry. It is particularly suitable for drying small and medium product quantities such as gelatine, alginate capsules, nuts as well as cellulose fibers.

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