Fluidized Bed Spray Granulators WS-GT


Allgaier’s continuous spray granulation dryers are used to obtain solid, dust-free granular material from fluid precursors such as suspensions and solutions. Moreover, dusts and powders can be processed into easily dissolved instant products.


During the granulation process, fluid containing solids is sprayed from nozzles into the fluidized bed and, as a result, onto the fluidized solid particles. The heat introduced with the drying air evaporates the water content or the solvent and lets the solid that came with the fluid layer up, yielding solid, often shell-shaped granular material with excellent flowing properties.

Once the granular material reaches the desired diameter, it is discharged and graded by a screening machine or classification process. Excessively small particles are fed back into the process.

Ideal for: Granular urea for the fertilizer industry, yeast and gelatin granules for the food industry, soluble glass for the chemical industry.


  • Ensures that defined particle or granule sizes are obtained
  • Produces dimensionally stable granular material
  • The resulting product is characterized by high and constant bulk density and excellent compressibility
  • Low-dust emissions
  • Low operating costs
  • Hazard location designs available


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