Suspension and Paste Dryers WS-IB-T


Allgaier suspension and paste dryers can be used to homogenize and dry suspensions, challenging pastes, or solid filter cakes and process them into powders.


The fluid is distributed by means of nozzles and then dried on the inert bodies that are fluidized with hot process air. During this process, the solid is reliably deagglomerated and turned into extremely fine powder. Caking is minimized by the frequent collisions between the spheres. The dried solid is discharged with the drying air and separated from the exhaust air flow in high-performance filter systems.

Ideal for: Pigments, hydroxides, silica, chemical wastewater


  • Saves space thanks to a small system size that requires little installation space
  • Especially robust against load fluctuations
  • Yields agglomerate-free, homogenous powders
  • Produces dry material with good flow properties
  • Powders with a defined particle size as the end product
  • The fluidized, eruptive spherical filling ensures that caking and clumping are minimized even when drying sticky and viscous pastes
  • Designs for hazardous environments are available


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