Tumbler Screening Machines TSM/tsi


Allgaier tumbler screening machines TSM/tsi are used for bulk material grading, safety screening, and dedusting in all industrial sectors. They are particularly well-suited to the fine and extremely fine screening of dry bulk materials and precise grading with up to 7 particle sizes.

The Allgaier tumbler screening system features a range of customization options designed to meet extremely demanding requirements, as well as a broad variety of additional equipment options: Among these, the number of available screen cleaning systems is particularly worth mentioning, with balls, air, brushes, ultrasound, and various combinations being of these options are available to prevent blinding and maintain efficient screening.


When adjusting the machine for the material being screened, an individually defined, three-dimensional eccentric motion pattern with a radial and tangential inclination is set.

While the tumbler screening machine is running, its radial inclination ensures that the material being screened moves from the center of the screen outwards, while its tangential inclination makes the material move in circular fashion on the screen. The interaction between the two resulting forces makes the particles being screened move in a spiral pattern on the screen fabric, ensuring that the particles stay a long time on the screen. This, in turn, enables the machine to achieve an optimum level of grading accuracy with respect to the particle size ranges while simultaneously minimizing oversize and fines contamination.


  • Screening process that goes gentle on the material being screened
  • High grading accuracy of up to 99%
  • Throughput of up to 40 t/h
  • Up to 6 decks and 7 particle size ranges; screen surface area/deck: 0.28–6.40 m2
  • Tumbling motion can be adjusted in a continuously variable manner with RATEX system
  • Features internal seals, gas-tight up to 50 mPa


  • 9 sizes with screen diameters ranging from 600 mm to 2,900 mm
  • QTS (rectangular tumbler screening machines)


WIP version

WIP cleanable machines for use in pharmaceuticals, food and fine chemicals.

Bouncing ball cleaning

Use with grainy products. There are balls located between one perforated floor and the screen fabric, which strike the screen fabric from below.

Brush cleaning

Use with crystalline or spherical products. Rotation under the screen.

Passing units

Use with agglomerates, for example. Sifting or shredding of instant products with gentle effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Use in the ultrafine mesh range. The ultrasound is input into the screen using resonators.

Air cleaning

Use with sticky products. Air blowing out of rotating nozzle arms clears the screen fabric.

Quick clamps

Rapid conversion. Can also be used for multi-deck machines.

ATEX version

Use in a potentially explosive plant environment.

Segmented screening inserts

If the screen is damaged, only the affected segment needs to be changed rather than the entire screening insert.

Special outlets

Individual adaptation to upstream or downstream machinery.

Lifting devices

Quicker access to the screening inserts.

Ultrasonic air cleaning

Use with products that have particularly critical screening properties.

Frame (mobile, stationary)

Allgaier machines can be mounted in frames as well as installed in stationary arrangements. Smaller screening machines can also be used as mobile units and are available with a trolley substructure.

Hinged cover

Use when there are frequent product changes. Fast screen change.

Hygienic design

Machines are available with a high-quality "pharmaceutical finish".

Air brush cleaning

Use with greasy or electrostatically charged products.


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