Vibration Batch Dryers WS-R-V-CT


The Allgaier vibration batch dryer is used to handle solids that are difficult to process and is particularly well-suited to materials that are initially highly sticky or difficult to fluidize, have an irregular particle shape and a wide range of particle sizes, and/or have properties that change during drying, as well as materials that require long drying times.

With its vibration batch dryer, Allgaier has developed an extremely efficient technology that is ideal for drying small and medium-sized batches of material.


An upward airflow fluidizes the solids being handled.  The dryer’s vibration, together with an agitator installed in the drying chamber, promotes fluidization and prevents the material from sticking or becoming encrusted in the machine.

Ideal for: Gelatin and alginate capsules, various nuts, cellulose fibers


  • Material will not stick or become encrusted inside the machine
  • Able to process materials that are initially highly sticky or difficult to fluidize
  • Able to process materials with properties that change during drying
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized batches of material
  • Dryer hood can be easily opened for filling, sampling, inspection, and cleaning
  • Easy cleaning process makes this dryer ideal for food and pharmaceutical industry applications
  • Small equipment footprint


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