Combined Drying/Cooling TK, TK+


Allgaier TK, TK+ combined drum dryers/coolers are available in single-shell, double-shell, and triple-shell versions. All three versions consist of combined systems in which drying and cooling take place in a single unit, making it possible to use only one mount and one drive system.


An application-specific design of the internal configuration and the drum rotation ensure that there is significant contact between the loosened bulk material and the hot gas (for drying the material) flowing through the drum in a turbulent pattern or the air (for cooling down the material) flowing through the drum. This makes it possible to achieve an extremely intensive transfer of mass and heat, and, accordingly, very efficient drying or cooling.

TK drying/cooling systems use ambient air cooling. However, TK+ drying/cooling systems add a defined, regulated amount of wet material to dry material inside the double-shell drum in order to effect their cooling action (evaporative cooling). This method guarantees energy-saving drying with simultaneous cooling.

Ideal for: Free-flowing bulk materials that are relatively insensitive in thermal and mechanical terms, e.g., gravel, silica sand, natural sand, crushed limestone.


  • Proven Mozer system design
  • An extremely heavy-duty design guarantees a long service life with minimal maintenance costs
  • High thermal efficiency thanks to extremely high hot gas temperatures and an extremely high internal temperature differential
  • Extremely insensitive to fluctuations in feed rates and in the moisture content and particle size of material
  • Can be easily combined with an extremely wide variety of heating systems and various fuels



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