In many applications, the dried or heated product has also to be cooled before further processing. For this process, Allgaier offers both cooling drums and fluidized bed coolers as well as combined drying and cooling units.

Allgaier rotary cooling systems are becoming increasingly important, and are used for heat recovery from hot bulk goods. Their value is reflected in the energy saving and reduction in resource consumption.

In many cases, drying and cooling in fluidized bed systems is also backed up by the fluidization of solid material by vibrating the entire dryer apparatus.

This leads to both particularly gentle and even product handling as well as very robust and reliable operation of the system.

Many companies that have specialized in specific products use the expertise of Allgaier's Process Technology test laboratories. In the Technical Center at the headquarters in Uhingen, the company carries out series of scientific experiments and practical tests in order to find made-to-measure solutions for customers all over the world in the area of industrial cooling and contract drying.


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