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Drum Dryer/Cooler TK-D


The drum dryer / cooler TK-D allows the drying and cooling of the solid to very low temperatures close to the ambient or cooling air temperature. Through heat recovery in the drying process paired with Evaporative Cooling – the re-evaporation of residual moisture from the solid in the cooling process – the TK-D captivates by high efficiency and saving of heating energy by up to 20%.


The drying / cooling to particularly low material temperatures is possible by a single-shell design of the drum with a separated dry-cooling chamber. Thus the TK-D has no contact points between the cooling dry material and the hot inner drum in the entry area of the dryer compared to double-shell drying/cooling drums. By using previously cooled air instead of ambient air, the solid can even be cooled to temperatures of up to 10 ° C for special products. With a two-part configuration of the central chamber, exhaust air streams from the drying zone and from the cooling zone can be individually extracted and dedusted. While the moisture-laden dryer exhaust air is dedusted and released to the atmosphere, the warm, dry and dedusted cooling exhaust air can be returned to the process as preheated drying air resulting in heat recovery from the dry, warm solid. Heat recovery in the drying process combind with evaporative cooling during the cooling process the TK-D has reduced energy consumption by up to 20%. In addition, separate supply and exhaust of the gas streams allow different process controls between the solid and the gas (air). Especially the use of counter-current flow routing of the drying air and the stream of solids is a particularly efficient high-temperature process and calcination for solids immediately followed by cooling. The TK-D is especially suitable for mineral, building materials and raw materials industries.


  • Cooling of dried solids to very low temperatures close to the ambient temperature or close to the temperature of the cooling air used.

  • High energy efficiency through heat recovery during the drying process and evaporative cooling during the cooling process

  • Can be used for calcination with subsequent cooling.

  • Easy to maintain and robust due to the single-shell design

  • Easy to combine with different heating systems and different fuels

  • System MOZER ®


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