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In addition to its continuous fluidized bed systems, Allgaier offers state-of-the-art, PLC-controlled batch systems that are fully compliant with the GMP and FDA requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.


Systems for the pharmaceutical industry can dry, spray-granulate, agglomerate, instantize, and coat a wide variety of fluidizable materials.

To guarantee unconditional purity and safety for pharmaceutical products, Allgaier pharmaceutical systems are separated into separate production and technical areas. And in order to prevent clusters from forming, the drying system in the product area is designed in such a way as to have as little dead space as possible. The sight gauges’ glass and metal frames have no gaps and are fused together without any seals. Likewise, the distributor plate can be welded together with the dryer enclosure.

Ideal for: Pharmaceutical raw materials, food, and fine chemicals


  • GMP/FDA-compliant design: quality standard that meets the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Qualification documentation (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ) for validation is prepared within the scope of the performance of services or when the system is delivered
  • Automated systems for cleaning the system: washing-in-place (WIP) or cleaning-in-place (CIP)
  • The production discharge from the batch system is controllable and is effected in the closed system by means of pneumatic conveyance or by means of gravity into a container or drum
  • Systems with “Wurster” process system for particle coating
  • With and without inert gas circuit
  • Hazard location designs available


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