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Single-shell drums are used to dry/cool free-flowing bulk materials. This dryer design is used in virtually every single industrial sector and is characterized by extremely high solid throughputs and evaporation capacities. Single-shell drums can process bulk material with coarse particle sizes of up to more than 150 mm reliably.


An application-specific design of the internal configuration and the drum’s rotation ensure that there is significant contact between the loosened bulk material and the hot gas (for drying or heating up the material) flowing through the drum in a turbulent pattern or the air (for cooling down the material) flowing through the drum.

This makes it possible to achieve an extremely intensive transfer of mass and heat, and, accordingly, very efficient drying or cooling.

Ideal for: Minerals, sand, slag, ore, coal, clay, bentonite, chemicals, fertilizers, digestates, waste recycling, refuse-derived fuels


  • Proven Mozer system design
  • Extremely heavy-duty and wear-resistant drum designs available
  • Screwable wear elements can be installed over the entire drum length
  • Rapper systems and/or scraper chains can be installed over the entire drum length
  • Extremely high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption thanks to high-grade drum insulation
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio


  • Single-shell drums can be designed as dryers, coolers, or combined dryers/coolers
  • Diameters ranging from 0.7 m to 4.5 m; lengths ranging from 2 m to over 30 m


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