Vibration Screening Machines VRS


Allgaier vibration screening machines VRS are an ideal choice for bulk material grading, safety screening, and check screening and can be used with virtually any bulk material with fine, medium, or coarse particle sizes. They are also perfect for use in wet screening applications.

With its vibration screening machines VRS, Allgaier offers a high-performance, cost-effective technology for universal use that can be used to round out custom solutions. The fact that VRS machines consistently use standardized components makes them an especially affordable alternative for customers.


The machines are driven with a vibration motor that produces a horizontal and circular tumbling vibration motion once the centrifugal discs are correctly adjusted, causing the material being screened to move in a spiral pattern starting from the inside and moving outwards. In addition, the vibratory motion can be easily adjusted in order to adjust the screening quality and throughput as required for the application at hand.


  • Dry and wet screening
  • Safety and check screening
  • Up to 3 decks and 4 particle size ranges; screen surface area/deck: 0.28–1.59 m2 
  • Dedusting
  • Dewatering
  • Features internal seals, gas-tight up to 50 mPa


Bouncing ball cleaning

Use with grainy products. There are balls located between one perforated floor and the screen fabric, which strike the screen fabric from below.


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