Distributing Feeders RV


Distributing feeders type RV are designed to spread an incoming product flow across the whole width of screening machines or densimetric separation equipment.


Vertical distributing feeders type RV spread the incoming central product flow to 1 or 2 equal flow outlets across a bigger distance. This maximizes processing efficiency.

The feeders are moved by unbalanced motors that are fixed directly to the feeders’ base. This eliminates the need for mechanical couplings and transmissions.


  • Distribute a central material flow to 1 or 2 equal flow outlets
  • Maximizing the efficiency of screening machines or densimetric separation equipment
  • Suitable for medium and high flow rates
  • Capacity up to 1,000 t/h depending on the product density and granulometry
  • Low power consumption
  • Robust construction using carbon steel


ATEX version

Use in a potentially explosive plant environment.

Replaceable wear protection

Dust protection

Stainless steel


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