Mogensen Sizer SG/SH


The design behind the Mogensen Sizer SG/SH is similar to that of the long deck screening machine configuration used in the SC series, except with a shorter screen deck length. Thanks to their compact and space-saving construction, these screening machines are ideal for a broad variety of applications in the bulk material processing industry.


The Mogensen Sizer SG/SH consists of 2 to 6 screen decks that are arranged on top of each other and have not only a different incline each, but also mesh sizes that become progressively finer towards the lower decks. The screen linings are installed for easy maintenance, and vibration motors or exciters make them vibrate inside a compact enclosure. As a result, the finer particles in the material being fed will immediately flow vertically through the coarser meshes in the upper decks, while coarser particles will be screened out from the flowing material.

The screen linings’ different inclines ensure that their openings function as though they had a smaller mesh size, making it possible, in comparison to conventional flat screens, to use unusually large mesh sizes while maintaining a consistently good grading quality.

The Mogensen Sizer SG/SH design effectively prevents blinding, since different particle sizes are separated from the material flow and screen fabric have larger than usual mesh sizes make it virtually impossible for the process to accumulate. This not only guarantees extremely high throughputs, but also maximizes the screens’ service life.

While the SG series is driven with only a single motor, resulting in a circular motion, the SH series uses 2 motors in order to produce linear vibrations. Accordingly, the SG series is typically used for more simple screening tasks.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Requires little space
  • High throughput
  • Long screen cloth service life
  • Screens can be replaced quickly
  • Up to 7 particle grades in a single screening pass
  • Operating width range of 1 m to 1.5 m
  • Screen length: 1.3 m


ATEX version

Use in a potentially explosive plant environment.

Motor and brake control system

Electronic machine monitoring system

Integrated material distribution system

Mechanical screen cleaning system

Pneumatic screen cleaning system

Screen tension monitoring system

Electrical screen deck heating system


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