The bandwidth offered by Allgaier Process Technology is enormous. The company division is a leading supplier of screening machines in Europe and implements both standard and individual solutions for companies from all over the world in the industrial sectors of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and luxury goods, animal feeds, wood, minerals and metals as well as in the plastics industry.

In industrial preparation and processing of substances of extremely diverse types, the factors that really matter are the quality of the screening material, the choice of screening method and the technology of the screening machine. Allgaier offers a wide range of modern and high-quality classifier machines with a wide range of variants.

These can operate in the ultrafine powder range with particle sizes of less than one millimeter. Clean and reliable separation of small, heavy, light, dry and dusty screening materials, as well as even wet or sticky materials to a certain extent, is guaranteed at all times.

Allgaier has the appropriate solution for each task. Tumbler screening machines meet the most exacting quality requirements in ultrafine screening, while flat gyratory screens in the wood processing industry offer convincing performance, and Mogensen sizers are characterized by robustness and a high throughput rate.

Using the most suitable machine for the job also means adopting a clear position with regard to the competition, and visibly expanding your own production strength.

Our high-quality screening machines mean we can guarantee our customers the best quality and highest performance.


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