Screening Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Allgaier manufactures GMP-compliant and FDA-compliant tumbler and vibration screening machines for the pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemicals industries. These machines can be used to process high-quality powders, pellets, and granular material.

The hygienic design behind these machines can be combined with WIP-capable and ATEX-certified versions in order to meet the most demanding customer needs.


  • Range of applications: grading, safety screening, and dedusting
  • Materials are handled in a gentle manner
  • Can be customized for the screening task at hand
  • Broad selection of special designs
  • Multi-deck machines (tumbler or vibration screening machines)
  • Complete pharmaceutical documentation


  • Tumbler Screening Machines TSM/tsi
  • Vibration Screening Machines Vibrall
  • Vibration Tumbler Screening Machines VTS


WIP version

WIP cleanable machines for use in pharmaceuticals, food and fine chemicals.

Bouncing ball cleaning

Use with grainy products. There are balls located between one perforated floor and the screen fabric, which strike the screen fabric from below.

Brush cleaning

Use with crystalline or spherical products. Rotation under the screen.

Passing units

Use with agglomerates, for example. Sifting or shredding of instant products with gentle effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Use in the ultrafine mesh range. The ultrasound is input into the screen using resonators.

Air cleaning

Use with sticky products. Air blowing out of rotating nozzle arms clears the screen fabric.

Quick clamps

Rapid conversion. Can also be used for multi-deck machines.

Special outlets

Individual adaptation to upstream or downstream machinery.

Lifting devices

Quicker access to the screening inserts.

Ultrasonic air cleaning

Use with products that have particularly critical screening properties.

Hinged cover

Use when there are frequent product changes. Fast screen change.

Hygienic design

Machines are available with a high-quality "pharmaceutical finish".

Air brush cleaning

Use with greasy or electrostatically charged products.


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